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Christmas Live Video – Keep Pushing

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This is the text to the Christmas live video originally broadcast on December 25, 2017.

Hi everyone and compliments of the season.

I’m not talking to you on behalf of ReDahlia, but as just me, Florence Chikezie. I had a quickening of the heart to speak to someone. To talk about the words that I tell myself everyday to keep pushing.

It is Christmas (December 25 today) and the world is celebrating. It is a season to be happy, spend time with family and friends. I understand that for some people, looking back, they feel there’s nothing to celebrate – people who have lost loved ones and are lonely; others who have broken relationships, disappointments and dreams that never came to pass and are depressed; people who are jobless despite all efforts to secure a job; people who have lost business deals and investments; others who have no means to fulfill the demands of the season including expectations from loved ones; those who cannot travel home to be with family because in Nigeria, currently, there is fuel scarcity and movement is difficult.

My earlier thought was to talk about something else but an inspiration from Eden Onwuka, a mate while I was at Hult, got me thinking of talking about this. She is a powerhouse in her own right (check her out on Facebook), and always insists on choosing joy over anything else. She believes it is your personal decision to find joy in your life and nobody else’s job.

Even if there’s seemingly no reason to celebrate, I encourage you to create it. Being alive is enough reason to be grateful. Many who dreamt of this day are not here to celebrate it. There is a limit to what we can achieve if we continuously dwell on and complain about our problems. When we dwell on negativity, the problem will get worse. If we are thankful and take away worry and doubt and embrace faith, so many things in your life will have a new meaning and will start changing.

From a personal experience, this year has been my most challenging. This year showed me what it meant to not have a place to lay your head. What not being able to afford what you need meant. I knew what not having food on your table meant. What being betrayed by trusted ones meant. Loneliness was my closest companion. Some people I thought would never leave my side, left. My pillow was always wet. The experience almost changed me, almost brought out the worst in me. But after all those, this year has been my most accomplished. I rediscovered myself and my potentials – the things I could really do. There was no reason to continue pushing but I did. I knew where I was going and I was going to get there. God always provided help.

I want to encourage us to never give up on life. It’ll surely get better if we don’t dwell on complaining. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. So keep pushing and doing. Take charge and control of your life. Don’t allow the situation to define you and make you who you are not. It is Christmas and you shouldn’t let this season pass by without sharing something with someone- a meal or even a smile. Please always choose joy always.

This was live from my bedroom.

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